Outlet Types (Type)


Outlet Types

Needle Exchanges
Provide a range of equipment including a variety of syringe and needle sizes, filters, water, butterflies, etc. They employ peer staff who are knowledgeable about drug use and offer harm reduction advice and referrals to other services.

Alternate Providers
Other organisations may also offer needle exchange services, such as sexual health centres, NZ Prostitutes Collective, Hauora community providers and community based centres.

Provide NEP coverage across all of Aotearoa/New Zealand including in the smaller centres and rural areas of NZ that otherwise would not be avaliable.

All outlets display a double arrow symbol

All pharmacies and alternate providers supply premade packs that suit the needs of clients and drug use patterns

Outlet Types

x = Needle Exchange

P = Pharmacy

A = Alternate Outlet

Service Level change at Pharmacies and Alternate Providers
Commencing June 2024 pharmacies and alternate providers will be able to offer up to six seperate packs free of charge as the main products they provide to NEP clients. The Packs are designed to meet the needs of clients while providing suitable equipment for drug use patterns


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